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2024 Bauma China China International Construction Machinery Exhibition

Release Time:2024-04-22 16:43:50

2024 Bauma China China International Construction Machinery Exhibition




Exhibition time: November 26th to November 29th, 2024

Organizer: Bauma China Organizing Committee
Exhibition area: 330015.00 square meters
Number of exhibitors: 3484
Audience count: 214455 people
Holding cycle: once every 2 years
Bauma China is a competitive stage for global construction machinery companies. The exhibition comprehensively showcased innovative products and technological achievements in the fields of construction machinery, mining raw material extraction and processing equipment, building materials machinery, accessories and services, and witnessed the intelligent inheritance in the development of the construction machinery industry.



2024  Shanghai Exhibition Bauma China - Exhibition Range

Construction machinery: construction vehicles, earthwork machinery, road construction and maintenance equipment, pipelines, cable laying equipment and tools, lifting and transportation equipment, construction equipment, tools, and special systems. Processing and processing of concrete and mortar on construction sites. Formwork and scaffolding construction site facilities
Mining raw material extraction and processing equipment: Mining raw material extraction equipment, raw material processing equipment, beneficiation equipment including coke oven equipment
Building materials machinery: complete sets of equipment and mechanical concrete for building components based on cement, lime, and gypsum; Production equipment for concrete products and prefabricated components, asphalt production machinery and equipment, dry mortar, plaster, mortar, building materials supermarket product production equipment; Production supporting equipment for producing building materials from limestone and power plant ash waste, building material processing and packaging in the factory


Supporting parts and service providers: Transmission engineering, fluid technology, generator set accessories and wear-resistant parts service testing equipment, control systems, software communication and navigation construction safety


2024 Shanghai Exhibition Bauma China - Exhibition Hall Information
Shanghai New International Expo Center
Venue area: 300000 square meters
Exhibition Hall Address: 2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China


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